Our Mission, Vision & Values

A quick summary of what we do 

The Ottawa Booth Centre is much more than a shelter. We run residential addiction treatment programs such as Stabilization, and Anchorage Addiction Recovery.

  • Stabilization is a 90-day program. It helps clients prepare for longer-term treatment programs. We provide clients with a safe environment to eliminate their addictions.
  • Anchorage is for men recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. The four-month program is abstinence-based. It is meant to help folks work through core issues related to their drug or alcohol use.

We also offer the Residential Life Skills program. It enhances clients’ abilities and equips them with problem-solving strategies. Clients return to the community with new coping skills.

Our Booth Centre operates several housing-related programs, funded by the city of Ottawa, that aim to end homelessness through a Housing First strategy of locating and renting housing units, and helping new tenants adapt and become housing self-sufficient, including those previously engaged in street living.

The Community Family Services provides budget and financial-management counselling and banking-related support, runs an emergency food pantry, and operates a fund that helps tenants pay their outstanding heating bills in winter. We also run an emergency hostel for men 18 years of age and older.

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Our Mission, Vision & Values



Motivated by Christ-like values and beliefs, The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth Centre provides effective, client-centered programs and services, which respond to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the vulnerable in our community.

Core Values 

The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth Centre will uphold and promote:

  • Compassion and Caring
  • Mutual Respect and Cooperation
  • Integrity and Trust
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Excellence and Innovation


The Ottawa Booth Centre is a social services unit of The Salvation Army, which is an international Christian church whose message is based on the Bible and whose ministry is motivated by compassion and meeting the needs of humanity.



Our vision is to be recognized for:

  • Service Excellence, for effectively addressing and preventing homelessness and providing the best possible services to those in need
  • Leadership, for developing community partnerships and finding pro-active, effective and innovative solutions to poverty and homelessness and community issues
  • Acceptance, for providing assistance to all those in need with respect and integrity
  • Empowerment, for creating a safe, healthy, healing and learning environment for all

Philosophy of Service Delivery

The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth Centre team shows unconditional acceptance of all individuals and families who come for help by: 

  • Offering services or access to service physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs
  • Delivering those services consistently in a respectful, compassionate, and loving manner
  • Supporting individuals to build on their strengths in order to live to their fullest potential