Low Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)


The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) is a service offered to Ottawa-area residents who have fallen behind on their Hydro bill. The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth Centre (OBC) is the lead agency in the program. It works with intake agencies across the city to give assistance.

Eligible applicants can receive up to $500 in emergency assistance (or $600 if your home is electrically heated). The funds are paid directly to the utility company.

 One of the main roles of the OBC is to review applications to determine eligibility for a LEAP grant. The criteria are based on the following factors:

  • - Income
    - Number of residences in the household
  • Payment history
  • Amount of Arrears
  • Cost of living expenses

The following are examples of applicants who may qualify for a LEAP grant:

  • a single parent with two children, earning less than $3,250.00/month
  • a single person earning less than $2,333.00/month
  • a family of 5, earning less than $4,000.00/month.

To complete your application, you must first go to a community or intake centre. A worker there will help you gather the required documents. Click this link http://www.coalitionottawa.ca/ for a map of all community resource centres.

If you are looking for a nearby intake centre, contact the Salvation Army LEAP service at 613-241-1573 ext. 325. A caseworker will refer you to your nearest intake centre.

Please note that LEAP does not provide ongoing financial support. It is for emergencies only and can only be granted once per calendar year.

For more information about LEAP, please call 613-241-1573 ext. 325, or email us at: LEAP@saobc.org.  

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