Community and Family Services

The CFS Team: Diana Javier, sitting, is flanked by her Community and Family Services team. From left to right, Diane Mukuka, (MoneyWise Caseworker);  Roben Hall, (MoneyWise Caseworker); Ryan Trombley, (Leap Caseworker); and Hannah Williams, (Community and Family Services Caseworker).   

                                                         WE ARE OPEN

As the COVID-19 situation continues, we are committed to serving the families and individuals facing food insecurity and immediate crisis support in our community.

Our Emergency Food Bank, Clothing & Household Support continues to be available with revised operations described below:

  • Service is by appointment ONLY
  • Operational on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9am-4pm
  • To schedule an appointment, contact 613-241-1573 extension 268
  • Inquiries (for agencies) email  diana_javier@saobc.org or call at 613-241-1573 x 409
  • Food delivery options are not available
  • Client vehicles are not permitted in our parking lot. Street parking are available across the centre for any food pick-up.

Visitors entering our centre will be asked COVID 19 screening questions. Face masks or coverings are mandatory for anyone entering our facility. If you have any new or worsening symptoms, please remain home and self-isolate. If you are feeling unwell, contact your health care provider or call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-000 to speak to a registered nurse. (Adapted from Ottawa Public Health Guidelines)

The Ottawa Booth Centre's Community and Family Services program addresses the emergency needs of families and individuals in Ottawa. 

These emergency services include

- emergency food
- clothing support
- household items and
- transportation assistance.

Adventure Summer Camp: We also offer a 6-day summer camp experience for children aged 7-15 at our adventure camp in Jackson’s Point and Newport, Ontario.

Community Referrals/Advocacy: Community and agency referrals are also welcome. Please connect with Diana Javier to access our referral system at diana_javier@saobc.org.

Moral and Practical Support: Our Spiritual Care team is available when needed. 

Emergency Food Assistance: Our foodbank offers food items to cover emergency needs. We provide individuals and families with 2-3 days' worth of pre-bagged groceries. Visiting your local food bank must be done first before using our services. For after-hours help please see the Front Desk Supervisor. (Please note: Our emergency foodbank is currently available only by appointment at this time. Please call 613-241-1537 x268 or email Nelma_Wais@saobc.org  to set up an appointment to see one of our caseworkers.)  

Emergency Clothing and Housing Items: 

Emergency clothing and household supports are available in our centre. These services are intended for, but not limited to:

    • Homeless population
    • Transitioning from homelessness to independent living
    • Other family crisis that require emergency relief

Speak to our caseworkers for more details by calling us at  613-241-1573 x 268 and set up an appointment.

Emergency Transportation:

This program can assist individuals and families with out-of-town emergency transportation support when need is demonstrated and supported. This emergency support may include, but is not limited to:

       -    Verifiable immediate family funerals
       -    Verifiable guaranteed employment or treatments
       -    Emergency family crisis i.e. referral from victim services
       -    Other extenuating circumstances where emergency transportation is needed

The program is sponsored by Via Rail Canada.