Community and Family Services

The Ottawa Booth Centre’s Community and Family Services responds to the emergency needs of families and singles in the Ottawa area. These needs include emergency food, clothing, household items and transportation assistance. We also offer a 6-day summer camp experience for children aged 7-15 at our adventure camp in Jackson’s Point and Newport, Ontario.

We also provide referrals to other services within the community and our Spiritual Care Team is available when needed. The following documents are required at every visit:

  1. A valid piece of identification for all members of your household
  2. Proof of address, and
  3. Most recent proof of income

Our food bank and voucher services are available by walk-in Monday through Friday, from 12:30 until 4:00. The last appointment of the day is at 3:45.

Emergency Food Assistance:

Our food bank offers food items to cover immediate emergency needs. We provide singles and families with 2-3 days’ worth of pre-bagged groceries. Visiting your local food bank must be done first before using our services. For after-hours help please see the Front Desk Supervisor.

Emergency Clothing & Household Items:

Singles and families may access emergency clothing & household vouchers at our food bank during walk-in hours. The vouchers can be used at any of our Salvation Army Thrift stores within the city.

The vouchers are intended for regular household items such as kitchenware and linens. They are not intended for furniture.

Emergency Transportation:

One-way emergency transportation may be available to one of our neighbouring cities.
This service is only for those who have:

  • obtained guaranteed, full-time employment or
  • experienced an immediate death in the family

This is a one-time only service. Your transportation will be via Greyhound. Contact our caseworker at 613-241-1573 ext. 268 for more information.


Our food bank and voucher services are available Monday through Friday, from 12:30 until 4:00, with the last appointment of the day being at 3:45.